Juan Guaido says that Two Members of his Staff were Arrested

According to the denunciation of the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela and recognized interim President of that country by a large part of the international community, Juan Guaido, this Thursday, at 2:24 in the morning, members of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) ), “kidnapped” two members of their government team. This is the deputy Sergio Vergara, along with his driver, Luis Aguilar, and the head of his office, Roberto Marrero.

For its part, the Venezuelan embassy in the United States also reported what happened and added that the kidnapping was carried out by 40 armed men who, to enter the official’s house, knocked down one of the walls of their house. “Marrero was able to alert his neighbors by saying that the regime placed pistols and a grenade in his home, a practice that the dictatorship often uses to attack dissidents,” the statement said.

In addition, they added: “The kidnapping of Marrero and Aguilar and the harassment of Vergara occurred at a time when the United Nations delegates representing the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, were carrying out a mission of investigation to document human rights violations in the country. ”

Two hours after the arrest, Deputy Vergara was released and told how his home was raided by 15 members of the intelligence service of Nicolas Maduro.

Via Twitter, Guaido points out that Nicolas Maduro’s government intelligence agents, the head of his office, denounced that “they planted two rifles and a grenade” to justify the search of his home. The interim president asks for the immediate release of the two opposition members.

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